I just want to enlighten you in ways, in which you would like… But those things are, apologetically, forbidden.  I like to imagine that your smell is like leather, cleaned and raw.

Do you keep your domain dimmed to a calm perfection? Awkward silences could be quite alluring if you are present.  Your confidence makes me so curious, do you still portray such strength behind closed doors?

I picture your bedroom,; with tacky burgundies, browns, and dark pastels.  But when ecstasy arises her gorgeous head, the colors spin and swirl into a delicious vintage paisley dream.

Your touch seems delicate, nervous, and purposeful.  My warm kiss on your cool cheek, my hands cupping your head to maintain a strong grip.

And paisley flowers dance on…


Published by Madamchryzl

Words can be a beacon, to light a path out of the darkest of times. As an self proclaimed adventurer of this is crazy world.... Mountains, forests, and oceans are not the only places that adventure may arise out of; meeting and understanding individuals can be an adventure as well. And with adventure comes the chance of becoming lost.

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