You told me I was beautiful over and over again.

The numbness and tingling made me feel like this could be pretend.

Everything, all the kisses all of your sweet words, flew me to heavens I had never been.
I could tell you were experiencing the same.

Not a bullet from the sky could tame.

The vibrations and movements of air.

Made us feel a certain alarm or beware.

Your kiss has always been a ticking vessel.

In which, you are, my absolute favorite sir to wrestle. 

Published by Madamchryzl

Words can be a beacon, to light a path out of the darkest of times. As an self proclaimed adventurer of this is crazy world.... Mountains, forests, and oceans are not the only places that adventure may arise out of; meeting and understanding individuals can be an adventure as well. And with adventure comes the chance of becoming lost.

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