God help me if I can’t stop thinking about you. And no one, can help see me this through. 

Aimless direction and no intersection.
At times thoughts of you are at bay.
How can I think this way?
Oh, such a need.
Lord help fill this void I long to feed. 
Where are my, come hithers?
Or just cut the line with scissors?
Either way, the wound is mine to heal.
There’s no word on how you feel.
Maybe I can forget?
Or maybe we can both check regret? 

Published by Madamchryzl

Words can be a beacon, to light a path out of the darkest of times. As an self proclaimed adventurer of this is crazy world.... Mountains, forests, and oceans are not the only places that adventure may arise out of; meeting and understanding individuals can be an adventure as well. And with adventure comes the chance of becoming lost.

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