Feels like I am drowning in black and white, when I choose to live in radiant color.

My whole life I watched those with erasers; masking utensils follow behind.

“Why would you want to fade these beautiful hues?” I would ask.

“Because it discolors our scenery.” They would say.

And follow you will, continue to stand behind; here, my love reigns.

I prefer a colorful horizon, multitudes of beauty and breathing endless color spectrum.

Science can have their primary Yellow, Red, and Blue.

Our sun radiates yellow, our sky covers us in blue, and our hearts beat red.

Those with erasers in hope of new beginnings will not wash away my love.

Nor, mask your angry of ink to deface my crimson heart.

Cast out your erasers and agendas and open your eyes.

Dive into the life that has been painted before you; if you love today, may you love even more tomorrow.

I feel like I am drowning in black and white when I am breathing colorless air.





I like to pretend that you know…

That you know, how I think of you during the day to help me pass the time.

I imagine that you would enjoy hugging me from behind.  That you would wrap your long arms around my torso and breathe my scent slowly. Your heavy breathing so showy.

Its almost like you have before; a place in time not yet exposed. My imagination relentlessly finds her way to impose.

Your lips and the way you talk to me is of a foreign sweetness.  Exotic honesties of your intention leave my mind during the day but they return in strength in the evenings.

How can I continue to entertain these unwarranted thoughts and taunts?

It is not necessary for me to have any more desires. Is my mind or my heart’s emptiness that toying requires?




Lines of Sight

I can set my sights as far as I can see and know your still waiting with me.

My faults could be sprawled across the skies and erasing them would not even be worth your tries.

Loving me comes with so much anguish and battle stands and yet you rest in comfort within these same pain inflicting hands.

There may or may not be resolution with potential pains that come with my affections. I just plea to you; I’m sorry, please continue to battle my rejections.

For my sights are set as far as I can see, and in the horizon, the morning sun is setting for you and me.


I cant tell you the ways in which I would like to express my curiosities…

I cant tell what your touch is like from that distance, and I would just love to closer our territories’.

Perhaps then I could sense your vibrations, just maybe then I could smell your skin for the first time.

Perhaps then I could just show you, how excitement really should taste.



And as for you, you precious young lad…

You’re day of ripening is ahead.  I feel for your future.

They will wear you down so low.

He will make you want to buckle.

She will make you want to flea.

Whom can you rely on?

Where can you go? Not here.

Only within your hearts realm can you find your rescuer.


I just want to enlighten you in ways, in which you would like… But those things are, apologetically, forbidden.  I like to imagine that your smell is like leather, cleaned and raw.

Do you keep your domain dimmed to a calm perfection? Awkward silences could be quite alluring if you are present.  Your confidence makes me so curious, do you still portray such strength behind closed doors?

I picture your bedroom,; with tacky burgundies, browns, and dark pastels.  But when ecstasy arises her gorgeous head, the colors spin and swirl into a delicious vintage paisley dream.

Your touch seems delicate, nervous, and purposeful.  My warm kiss on your cool cheek, my hands cupping your head to maintain a strong grip.

And paisley flowers dance on…


Solemn and Grungy… ;)

So far and in between, what is your love suppose to mean?
Cold and eager nights remind me of your embrace…

Soulful cries and souless rhythms allow me to recollect your solemn face.
The love of longing and the longing for love… You understood, though you seem to no longer understand..
Theres so much love there’s no room for a grudge.
Your solemn face.
I’ve learned to accept the embrace of my dark place.  Especially when I recollect your solemn face.
Oooh how i love your solemn face.

PM Love

Our souls and our hearts share different lives.

But I like to think stuck in time for a moment. Somewhere in this life’s infinite space..

A black and white memory replays and we are under the covers giggling in the clouds.

There once was time, where our past lives were shared in an existence tossed into a beautiful bubble blown to circumference.

Overlooking the rest of the world on fire, we held each other praying for lonely.



It’s nothing short of remarkable. How you continue to pick up my pieces of distruction that I leave behind me.
Half in which contain myself.
I’m not too sure how to remember who I am.
Can you please help me find me?
I’m cold.
I’m alone.
I’m lost.
The pieces that I had left behind seem to no longer be there. Where did they go?
Where are the shards?
God, please…
I can’t remember..
Was it me or you that threw out the pieces?