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Hey there! Please feel free to take a look at the top of my page and to the right; I have a new button, YAY… Check out my brand new adventure, “Short Stories” !!!!

SOME of the stories I will be posting may be true and some most definitely not; nevertheless I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I will. .. and please bear with me if some of this is not laid out as well as it should be, I am still learning. Thank you for spending time with me, XoXo **MC**


His stare held a wish for death near and close.

His body tense ans rigid to the tips of his toes.

Breathing so shallow, so meek. Not an ounce of energy left to wallow.

Life to his left, wife to his right.

Mundane sat before him positioned perfectly on his plate.

Questioning how this serving of life was part of his fate.

Utensils spread in a neat row…

His shadow, the only one who will ever know.

A numbingly familiar touch, a smile, and a sound snaps him back to the ground.

As if he didn’t wish for darkness, he smiles and orders another round.

Safe and Unsound

You store me in your little box, all hidden and safe, from the all the other boys.

Like a trinket all shiney; yet, playful like you’re favorite toy.

Though you see my shine; I will never glimmer enough.

Though I play; I will never be sufficient for your game, Oh so rough.

I can’t hear your laughs, my lid is too tight.

I can’t see your smile, it is always night.

I’ll lie here; stored away, so safely.

Always waiting, for the next day that I am able to break free.