Photo By: Madamchryzl "Canyon Lake, TX May the numbness settle back in... Deadened nerves are what's left in the end... Smiles systemically generate... Flesh can pretend... I am a robot, nothing here to liberate... A prisoner of my own crimes, not one statement to defend... Sentencing from the highest court, I waste no time attempting... Continue Reading →

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Panting Hands

Panting Hands My hands mimic my frantical heart... My heart pounds 100 times per second... My seconds count my breath... My breath needeth to go on... Certainly I won't last till dawn... -Madamchryzl-

Cajun Indians

Oil Painting By: MadamChryzl Their history barely adheres, like peeling paint... Once, a structural masterpiece that had fallen faint... Ruins of an ancient life, that once stood strong... Fallen spliters and pillars, evidence of life gone wrong... Weeks that felt like centuries, eradication far from elementary... Their souls of solitude fill an invisible cemetery... Unmarked... Continue Reading →

Sorrowful Serpent

Agony is a serpent pardoned of a lock or chain… Teeth sunken in deep… Neurotoxin, penetrating all... Alluringly, you fall... Slowly, it will seep... Intravenous venom... Awakens slumbering pain… Displeasures, pulsate... Through every vein… -Madamchryzl-

Tuesday Song- Whipping Boy-Ben Harper

Tuesday Song Whipping Boy by Ben Howard Now it's simple to meSometimes you have to let go when there'sNext to nothingYou say every time she says noThere's more pain then loveIt comes o shove almostEvery time you speakSomehow you fightSomething's just crazySomehow it's taking all the life left in youYou're losing groundCarrying that torchYour not... Continue Reading →

Monday Song- Elephant by Warpaint

Elephant By Warpaint I'll break your heartTo keep you far from where all dangers startAnd atmosphereGets crazy lifeWhere every breath transpiresAnd to a starSpace of calm about youThey call me a thiefThey call me a thiefCall me a thiefCall me a thiefCommon thiefCommon thiefCommon thiefCall meCall meSo I knowThat you're not that you're not hereSort... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nymph

Narcoleptic Nymph      I dream, of who... I dream of you...      I dream, of what... was shown to me...       I dream, of that... was claimed to be the truth...       I dream, of where... it all ended...       I dream of when... the air was all that stood in the way... I dream... Continue Reading →

Self Destruction

Photo By: MadamChryzl Brick by Brick... Destruction as delightful as painted lips... Vein by vain... The structure shifts... Piece by peace... Walls start to crumble... Stone by stoned... My temple starts to tumble... Rein by reign... Truth billows as high as the plume of chalky smoke... Weak by Week... A new foundation my soul will... Continue Reading →


Foolish What a gluttonous savage I have been... Dreaming of love and what could have been... Fantasies and fairy-tales are bound in pages fit for bookshelves... Buried in hallow graves that they dig for themselves... Thy words served cold with a shot of pain... Warth down the throat, with the wooden hint of disdain... My... Continue Reading →


Glimpse Of Something I imagine The Universe is allowed to make mistakes... It fixes its own-self and erases the accidents that it makes... Time and people disappear... Intangibles we are told to hold dear... Time is to be kept and glorified with silver and gold bands... People are bound by ticking of minute hands... Stories... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nomad VIII

Narcoleptic Nomad VIII I dream of my ancestors dancing across the black sanded beaches of Italy... I wonder if they looked like me... With hair darker than the coast and sunsets as romantic as their hearts... Sweet wine... Fragrant vines... Stones and spirits as old as time... Escaping such love is a crime... A baroque... Continue Reading →

Monday Song

Leon Bridges-Don't Worry 😉 We been runnin' 'round covered in gas, playin' with matches, ohWe've been runnin' this thing, burnin' it down, downSweetly talkin' but you and I both knowKeep on runnin' it down, the world that we ignoredI don't have much but I give you loveI used to say that kind of stuffLike a... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Peace

Pieces of Peace Peace within my life, has never been delivered in totality... It comes in pieces... A piece of peace, here... A piece of peace, there... Peace is holy, for me. -Madamchryzl-

An Ode To ‘Dirty Dancing’

🖤Dirty Dancing🖤 Familiar songs bring comfort and pleasant memories... Her heart goes, bump bump... As her kisses come in three's... His heart goes, bump bump... Giggles turn to sighs.. Her heart goes, bump bump... Cradled, unlike a baby, though she cries... His heart goes, bump bump... Plush cotton heavy on the skin... Her heart goes,... Continue Reading →

101 Lovers

Paul Brouillette Photography 101 Lovers One hundred lovers and not one love... It flutters away more quickly than the wings of a dove... The delicacies and stirrings from below... Surely one may drown from the undertow... One hundred and one lovers, one hundred more words... One could fly higher than the birds... One hundred times,... Continue Reading →

Saturday Song

Saturday Song- Fana Hues - Icarus Oh, how the feels fill the room I could melt to touch(Ahh) And all that I ever need is right here between us(Ahh) You're so cruelI fade to blueHow did I get so close?Prolly God only knowsSaw the signs, still I goDone it all on my ownHow did I?Mama... Continue Reading →


And as for you... Precious young lad... You're day of ripening is ahead... I feel for your future... They will wear you down so low... They will make you want to buckle... She will make you want to flea... Whom can you rely on? Where can you go? Not here. Only within your hearts realm... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nomad VII

Narcoleptic Nomad VII The structures and sounds fill the heavens above the city, as I dream of Russia... I float amongst the sky line and remain in awe of all it's power and glory... Domed cathedral rooftops decorate the sky and seem to touch the stars... The colors stimulate my brain in new ways, my... Continue Reading →


Hurt is all that is left... A skill of mine I have had to accept... Rather than stay... You left me behind... Rather than choose patience... You chose to be unkind... A friend is someone who should be held dear... Not someone to disregard when they need you near... You can hold your crown high... Continue Reading →

Thursday Song-Crowded House

Don't Dream It's Over-By Crowded House There is freedom withinThere is freedom withoutTry to catch the deluge in a paper cupThere's a battle aheadMany battles are lostBut you'll never see the end of the roadWhile you're travelling with me…  Hey now, hey nowDon't dream it's overHey now, hey nowWhen the world comes inThey come, they... Continue Reading →

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to anyone who served and is reading this... There are no civilians in existence that will ever truly know what you experienced and what you sacrificed. Most of us would crumble under half of that weight. Thank you, truly. I promise to always try to be a good human, so that I... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nomad VI

Narcoleptic Nomad VI I recline in soft fields of shamrock along the jagged coast... As I dream of Ireland... Cliffs plummet into the dark waters and the oceans force my spirit into a spiraling dive... Pieces of medieval poetry rest among the bell shaped blue flowers... Sweetness and salt touch my lips as lover would...... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Song

Wednesday Song-Panic Room by Au/Ra Some of you will probably know this one... 🙂 (Welcome to theWelcome to theWelcome to theWelcome to the)Hell raising, hair raisingI'm ready for the worstSo frightening, face whiteningFear that you can't reverse My phone has no signalIt's making my skin crawlThe silence is so loudThe lights spark and flickerWith monsters... Continue Reading →

Precarious Coffee

Precarious Coffee What a precarious little thing you are... Letting me think you are close, but you are just too far... What a little precarious thing you are... You delight my lips with sugar and cream liquor... Bailey's, you make me smile as I sip my cup of splendor... -Madamchryzl- "My tribute to losing my... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nomad V

Narcoleptic Nomad V I dream of Brazil... Colors and rhythm fill my room... Carnival becomes an essence, and dance will follow soon... Here... Orchids nearly float on thin air... Confetti showers me all around... Orange, yellow, and red... O, why such festivities ever have to end... Soon, I wake, a grin... Maybe soon, I can... Continue Reading →

Solemn and Grungy… ;)

So far and in between, what does your love suppose to mean? Cold and eager nights, remind me of your embrace... Soulful cries and souless rhythms allow me to recollect your solemn face. The love of longing and the longing for love... You understood, though you seem to no longer understand.. Theres so much love... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Song-The Cure

Tuesday Song - The Cure "Pictures of You" This song will always bring tears... And I suppose, that it is ok... But I do pray that it brings fond feelings to you... MC🖤 I've been looking so long at these pictures of youThat I almost believe that they're realI've been living so long with my... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nomad IV

Narcoleptic Nomad IV I dream of Bulgaria... The Eyes Of God hide pristine beauty from the rest of the world... Water Fountains pour tears for the landscapes beauty surpasses most... Roses and lavender sweeten the earths air... Structures of ancient past are test to time... A Sea of Black sculpts beaches of gold... I dream... Continue Reading →

Sticky Situation

Photo By: Paul Brouillette What a sticky situation we are in... You're not even my friend... A thought... A tingle... You're not even single... You are a glimpse... A minx... You bit off my cuff links... What a situation we have created... The adhesion gets better with each moment of lacking sophistication... The sweetness is... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nomad III

Narcoleptic Nomad III I dream of Australia... What land to behold... There are deadly creatures that lurk in every nook and cranny... Terrain and wilderness rule... I dream of it's coast and the respect it demands... Dreams will never suffice, I shall humble myself within the realm of the Aussie Lands... -Madamchryzl- To My Lovely... Continue Reading →

Monday Song

Monday Song- Angus & Julia Stone - Black Crow OverviewLyricsListen Main Results Eyes from the free, take me down the wayRed riders of the darkHelp me through this mazeDo you know, mister, of this place?Do you know, mister?No time to waste Won't you help me be on my way?Won't you help me be on my... Continue Reading →

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