J.S. Jr. 

Your image becomes clearer as the smoke dissipates.

It’s like you have been standing there for all these years, clenched jaw and all.

Just awaiting my lowly arrival. 

You anticipated my failures, and you have come to collect my tears.

Such a trophy for you, is it not?

Even, in all your glorious wisdom; how could you have known I would do this? 

My failures fire your revelry.

Dance in my misery, you have won once again. 

Fire Sign

The violins cry in the background.

Tensions flare in the forefront.

Anticipations bubble in my belly.

What will your words be?

Who will you choose? 

Fire or Ice? 

Will the uncertainties of the heat burn you?

Or do you prefer the normalities of the chilly wind kissing tour cheek?

Love is your catalyst,  my heart is your leverage…

Let me know, as my amber simmer.


God help me if I can’t stop thinking about you. And no one, can help see me this through. 

Aimless direction and no intersection.
At times thoughts of you are at bay.
How can I think this way?
Oh, such a need.
Lord help fill this void I long to feed. 
Where are my, come hithers?
Or just cut the line with scissors?
Either way, the wound is mine to heal.
There’s no word on how you feel.
Maybe I can forget?
Or maybe we can both check regret? 

Tap Out.

I don’t cause a wrinkle or a sound. 

I prefer to stay low to the ground.

Pay me no bother.

My ruckus holds no honor.

For you hold no conflict.

Its just my insecurities, you found it.

I’ll stay quiet and you get this round.

Because I prefer to stay low to the ground. 


You told me I was beautiful over and over again.

The numbness and tingling made me feel like this could be pretend.

Everything, all the kisses all of your sweet words, flew me to heavens I had never been.
I could tell you were experiencing the same.

Not a bullet from the sky could tame.

The vibrations and movements of air.

Made us feel a certain alarm or beware.

Your kiss has always been a ticking vessel.

In which, you are, my absolute favorite sir to wrestle.