Life Lives Life wants to live and that's all it wants to give... Death is not life's gift... Time packages it with His own hands... Along with Worry and all of Her demands...

Impatient Spring

Corn Flower Photo By Madamchryzl Oh, Nefarious might... Ah, Precarious light... Merriest of the night... A swing and a sway... Oh, Spring buds pray... Please love, do stay... -Madamchryzl-

Mardi Gras Season Has Begun!

Mardi Gras Season Has Begun! I have two videos that I would like to share... This song is done in variations from town to town... Sort of like a "different tribes" sort of thing. So the transition might not be 100% but it is probably a strong 80%... lol 🖤 They are both the same... Continue Reading →

An Amusing Heart

With my ventricles pulsing between your teeth... You tore out what I wished not to keep... Pink, purple, and red hues... At some point it used to beat with out the booze... Let it be my gift for you to use... May my lyrical heart rest with my muse... -Madamchryzl- Reluctantly Inspired

Brick Tomb

Your barricade sits higher than ever... Brick by brick the placement gets heavier... Your fate will become sealed within your walls... Your tomb will be too thick for us to hear your calls... -Madamchryzl-

Wednesday Song – Roy Orbison “Only The Lonely”

Wednesday Song - Roy Orbison "Only The Lonely" Only the lonelyOnly the lonelyOnly the lonelyKnow the way I feel tonightOnly the lonelyKnow this feeling ain't right There goes my babyThere goes my heartThey're gone foreverSo far apartBut only the lonelyKnow whyI cryOnly the lonely Only the lonelyOnly the lonely Only the lonelyKnow the heartaches I've... Continue Reading →


Such a curious toy of flesh... What fun you seek to obsess... You're frigid heart tempts the season... Warmth escapes your every reason... Frosty words cast out your chill... Frozen blood renders you hard to feel... - Madamchryzl -

Garden Knome

I've scoured the astro-plane... For a realm that claims saine... I've reached the heights... I've defeated blight nights... Not a galaxy holds a home... None for a stone knome... Fade back to my garden bliss... Loving ignorance with missed tryst... -Madamchryzl-

Call Of The Crow

Call Of The Crow Photo By: MadamChryzl The caw of the crow echos within the valley... His watchful eyes do so, gladly... Feathers of midnight, as dark as my heart... Members of his murder await his call to start... Ravenous beaks find opportunistic defeats... Opportunistic beaks find ravenous defeats... The caw of the crow echos... Continue Reading →

No Kiss New Year

Invisible lips touched me in the midnight hour Fireworks bloomed as I dreamed of a May shower... Your hands danced across a clocks face... Strong and new as I dreamed of your bed in a warmer place... -Madamchryzl-

Rock Song

Song... Deftones "Rosemary" (Rock) There’s no soundBut the engine’s droneOur minds set freeTo roam Time We discover the entryTo other planesOur minds bendAnd our fingers foldEntwined we dream of unknown Time We discover the entryTo other planesStay with meAs we cross the empty skiesCome sail with meWe slow downAs the engines stallOur eyes catch syncWe... Continue Reading →


Engraved Photo By: MadamChryzl Forever engraved within my grain.. Era's of growth marked in my hazel pain... Strong and withered, singed by flame... -Madamchryzl-

All I Have

All I Have All I have... Is your photograph... Crumpled beneath pillow... You listen to the sounds of a willow... All I have... Is your photograph... Still, yet remains a beat... Within my black walls of deceit... -Madamchryzl-

Naughty Narcoleptic Nymph

Grand displeasure tugs at my apron string... "Tonight, now? But I have so much to do." He stands there before me, almost 6 feet tall... His ghostly image lined within a Yellow Taped frame. Holding the shards of me together... My breathing turns heavy and I'm down on the floor... Alone in blissful agony, even... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Departure

A Quiet Departure Flower In The Bayou By: Madamchryzl She floated by, nearly glowing. "Hello." She beamed. "Oh, hello there!" I replied. Her beauty somehow managed to remain motionless amongst the ripples. Her simple beauty brightened day. Not another word was exchanged as she departed, just silence. We both knew that our quiet goodbyes was... Continue Reading →


130-ish Your point has remained the same as day one... Your beautiful Mother raised quite a son... What terrific strength and power you hold... Oh such man! So big, burly, and bold... OH, you are just so far, tougher than I... I wonder, do those biceps allow you to cry... Through all that strength, does... Continue Reading →

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