You told me I was beautiful over and over again.

The numbness and tingling made me feel like this could be pretend.

Everything, all the kisses all of your sweet words, flew me to heavens I had never been.
I could tell you were experiencing the same.

Not a bullet from the sky could tame.

The vibrations and movements of air.

Made us feel a certain alarm or beware.

Your kiss has always been a ticking vessel.

In which, you are, my absolute favorite sir to wrestle. 

OH Well

“You’re the obvious.”

A statement, looking for a canvas…

Youre oblivious…

“Through the obvious”

I see you.

“See through it all”

Even through your ur fall…

It’s my catch to call.

Though it seems

“You don’t see me at all.”


AS memory would have it…

Your, oh,  thickory would have it.
And, it bring my knees tword….

Like me, to your sword….

Have you felt mine forward?

So maybe a sharp shard? 

Or a felt word? 

My fall is to record?

More likely, a far left yard.


AS luck has it….  You’ve remained your distance.

Our thirst remains unquinched…

You remain unfrindged…

Your mind is left not singed…

And our nerves, so drenched.

My Cypress 

Through the cyclonous winds, you stand strong before me.

Through the angry lightening, you remain barely singed.

Through the drenching rains, you float to safety.

My angry storms batter our land, yet your might keeps us in tact.

Your strength preserves our love when my weak nature is on display. 

Your strong branches cover me, your broad existence shields me, and your strong roots bind me.

The Voyage

I can see the worries unfold in your eyes.

I vision your golden river of lies, you hear volume of winds that are untrue.

My captain, you must be the one to see it through.

Divert  course, manipulate your direction.

Failure is not an option, it is your head that is up dissection.

Sleepy Friend

Last night you were not with me…

Where did you go? 

Did you stay in bed, did you wake up to see? 

That you were with her and not Me?

We never even had a chance, there’s no room for a romance…

My hearts keeper does his job well, but my lips shall never tell…

That you are but a hot dream in a cold place; but you always vanish, with out a trace.

Until we meet again, my sleepy little friend…