Good bye to the inflictions that abused me. Good bye to the person I used to be. Good bye to the guilt.  For the I have a new life that I rebuilt.  Good bye to the insults and insecurities in which consumed me.  Good bye to your negativity that you have glued to me.  Good... Continue Reading →

Cry your tears... Face your fears... Allow the Will of God to be done... Our childish instincts, are to run... Feelings are meant to be felt... Dealings are meant to be dealt... Gamble your soul, your heart will surely fold... My tellings are told... No longer, will I be left out in the cold...

Your worries are valid. Our tells, yet to callous. "No one has to know." My value left at lower than low.  Your lies, folded over my eyes. Perf3ct with every tide.  You fold over EVERY eye.  With every Tide.   

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