Heart of Ice

May the artic ice take it’s tones… Allow the freeze to reach your bones… Brace yourself for a pain that rightfully belongs… My shards shall reach through your lungs… No warmth to avail… God help the pain that shall prevail… A suffering straight from hell… Never was there a warning to entail… Nor ever a survivor that lived to tell my tale.

Cavalier Tear

You disappeared quicker than the sight of my teddy bear.
Taking all that I held dear.
Leaving me behind drowning in fear.
No screams left for your ears to hear.
A road to a future paved in lace oh so sheer.
How else could I steer?

With view of my former self waving in the rear?
Full steam ahead drowning more and more with each dripping tear…
No condolences here just a cavalier smile from ear to ear.