May the artic ice take it's tones... Allow the freeze to reach your bones… Brace yourself for a pain that rightfully belongs... My shards shall reach through your lungs... No warmth to avail... God help the pain that shall prevail... A suffering straight from hell... Never was there a warning to entail... Nor ever a... Continue Reading →

Nervous I

Rhythm and flow become out of control… Studder and stammering is a sound to behold… Feelings of uncertainty dominate… How do I still practice restraint? You leave me with such bewilderment, surely this is all misplaced endearment.

Sky bluer than your eyes... But only because it is part of your disguise... Surely Heaven pardons each of your lies...No matter how hard each one of us tries...No matter how much each of us cries...Each step that is made is one that your heart denies...

🖤Mr. Joey-Teddy Bear Extraordinaire🖤 You disappeared quicker than the sight of my teddy bear.Taking all that I held dear.Leaving me behind drowning in fear.No screams left for your ears to hear.A road to a future paved in lace oh so sheer.How else could I steer? With view of my former self waving in the rear?Full... Continue Reading →

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