Catch me baby... For I might fly away. Hold on my love, for this force is driven from above. Brace yourself, for this landing might leave quite a stub. Less us not leave this to push or shove. MdMC

I'm such a glutton for punishment. Pain is such comfort. Nothing comes from satisfaction. Everything interesting is born of torture.

Another moment and another chance has passed, as the sun sets deep in the past. Another day has been given to the mass as we all fall into slumber still wearing our mask. None of the moments of true longing ever really last; and before midnight strikes, visions of you are what I see last.

Be as it may I did not think of you today.. I did not sing or sway I got through the day. Light shined it's way even though I expected dismay. You were a distant voice, a memory on it's way. I'm thankful that I did not think of you today.

Art work by: MadamCz If only I were blind enough to not have seen your eyes. Only if we were smart enough to avoid hiding behind lies. Seeing the tall shadows that follow. Dark words to stay afloat in waters so shallow. Send me....... A life raft to sail with on a morning so narrow.... Continue Reading →

Freckles and Flowers... I could stare at them for hours... Surely they glow after Spring Showers... Might be, could they miss me? Might be, they grow freely? Freckles and Flowers, I could stare at them for hours.

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