It will lurk and it will creep. It watches as you sleep. It knows that you are weak. It hunts only the meek. It will haunt only what you seek. Creep, it will never. For It was beckoned by You; OH, so clever. Madamchryzl

A pound of flesh with a smile so debonair. A pint of blood, taken out of thin air. "A moment of your time sir?" He may dare. ~Take my hand; only then, you shall you walk on air.~


The ticking of the clock edges my nerves. Time... Time? Time for love? Time for you. Time for me? It is half past midnight and there is no availability. Chiming clocks echo through our distance. Had you thought of me? Seconds showing all resistance. The hands edge our way, my heart vibrates with each tick.... Continue Reading →

My heart is so mad at what I do... It beats faster and faster with each thought of you... The time that is left, is so little and so few... My heart loves every part of you...

I wonder if you think of me. I wonder if I sache' through your mind... Because you don't leave mine. Do you think of my honest eyes? Do you think of my voice? Because all I want to hear is yours. Have you thought of my skin? Have you thought of my temperature? Because it... Continue Reading →

What can you even know of darkness? What can You ever know of being blind? What sort of places, have you allowed yourself sink into? What depths, did you reach before you felt like you would drown? What was the last prayer you called? What visions are you able to recollect? What sort of fright... Continue Reading →

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