You dance amongst the skulls of the living, as if you ever held a breath. Blood pulsing through your ears, the noise never permits rest. Pain from all your restless years aching in your chest. Pleasure eluding you at every turn of the page. Simmering down below; all your confusion and rage. Stay put my... Continue Reading →

Our storm awaits us; the pressure builds and thunder roars. Oh the deafening sounds, as my soul soars. The winds will blow and the tears will pour. MORE! Oh God, please more. Oh please, no more. Electricity running down my face, there is no shelter; nor any safe place. It is such a pity, such... Continue Reading →

Composed of dreams; in which, no one ever wants to wake. A light and a direction, everyone wants to take. A vessel of strength, that no one else can make. A monument of love, that no one could fake. You are a direction that I found in a dream; and in that dream, along a... Continue Reading →

Not one tear will stay away. Nothings clear and there is only today. I'm terrified that my feet may decide the way. Petrified, there is only scars remaining at the bay. Fear strikes; surely, either direction leads me into dismay. I loved yesterday and I love you today. I'll love you; far beyond my face... Continue Reading →

$$$$ OH, the cost of being heard; we pay for each and every word. What a price I have learned, and what a figure you have earned. Silence may result in a lesser of a fine. OH how can I begin to erase these words of mine? -Madamchryzl-

Which way did you go... My heart aches to know... Will you ever return? My skin will forever yearn... With my tired cheek to the floor, my hands still reach out and I cry for moreā€¦ More! More of something that was never real... More! Of something I never did feel... Please, let us go... Continue Reading →

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