I knew you were in a midst... All tucked away perfectly hidden amongst the mundane mist... In a world of shiney and new... You remained hidden more precious than gold times two... More lovely and rare than best diamonds of a red hue... Invisible to the common man... But in a world that matters... You... Continue Reading →

How you hold such mystery... I swear you always seemed to miss me.. before you even first seen thee... One day I'll be free... and it will be you and me... I miss the fog of my old Smokies...

I DON'T THINK I'LL EVER GET OVER YOU BY COLLIN HAYES Song from the 2nd to best Soundtrack that ever existed... Garden State... Feel free to reply with similar songs... xoxo  I drink good coffee every morningIt comes from a place that's far awayAnd when I'm done I feel like talkingWithout you here there is... Continue Reading →

I will never get back the person that I once was... I know now that I am someone that you never really loved... In your world I can see that I never really did exist... I wasn't even a shadow of any real bliss... I weep and I cry... And I just pray for painful... Continue Reading →

Amico Photo By: Madamchryzl Hey there amico... Look at you go... So deep is the wound from bullets that you throw... There's nothing left to the bone.... Not a limb to show. Nothing can be thrown... How deep is the grave that we sow... How little is known... Nothing but moonlight to be shown... -Madamchryzl-

I've always been a "Maybe" sort of person... so in spirit of that... I have my FAVORITE Janis Joplin song... There are so many good ones to choose from... But today this one is my favorite. I can never NOT get chills every single time I hear it. ENJOY. MAYBE BY JANIS JOPLIN Maybe...Oh, if... Continue Reading →

If words are all I have left to lose. How dare I call you a muse... I didn't notice you holding such a short fuse. What safe hand you played... What a uneven balance your scales weighed... Leaving everything mangled and dismayed... I

Two Halves 2.0 Ying and Yang, they are one of the same.. Infinitely separated by their name... Yet bound by their eternal flame... Ying and Yang, hot and cold... Too close to fold... Too far too hold... Ying and Yang, each a different tone they ring... Each a different life they bring... Yet the same... Continue Reading →

I had a friend that recently suggested that "I should believe people when they show me who they really are.... " I should, but my heart and head has very rarely been on the same page... Even though I always end up heartbroken, I still do this. This has to be a type of insanity.... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Song-James Morrison

Song by James Morrison The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore I've been twisting and turningIn a space that's too smallI've been drawing the line and watching it fallYou've been closing me in, closing the space in my heartWatching us fading and watching it all fall apartWell I can't explain why it's not enough, 'cause I gave... Continue Reading →

I told myself that I'd have nothing to say today. But here they turn, the moment I wake, with no delay... O Angst and O Nausea, you seem to be a fine friend of mine. O Weary and O heavy, you must find me devine. We compliment each other quite well; no on can tell.... Continue Reading →

Here lies that watch again... Tick Tockin, tick tockin... It runs where it lies layin... Second by Second... Minute by Minute... Hour by Our... Day by day... Week by weak... Month by month... Year by yearn... Those hands turn... Surely there's nothing you will miss. Nothing like an un-missed kiss... Recovered bliss... No matter The...... Continue Reading →

***I normally associate Al Green w NJ and NY... But lately he is sitting well w mois, in the South.*** I Stand Accused by AL Green ( he did right before Issac Hayes).. I think. I stand accusedOf lovin' you too muchAnd I hope, I hope it's not a crime'Cause if it is (Guilty)I'm guiltyOf... Continue Reading →

Hey Jude I thought I felt you today... You should have said "goodbye" when you chose not to stay... Close enough for you to slip away... As sure it was the day... You left me holding this golden box of dismay... I thought I felt you today... As if only air, space, and time stood... Continue Reading →

They hold... loosely and tightly... if not done right they can be frightening. They touch... softly or hard... it's hard to know which cars. They speak... delicately or bold... one will know what their being told. They show... point or gesture... hopefully towards pleasure. They feel... nurse or caress... they have the ability to suppress.... Continue Reading →

O how the vultures circle... O why it could not be simple... O HOW we dream of a miracle... O why it could not be simple... God, couldn't give in a little? No kiss left... Nothing left for the middle. -Madamchryzl-

We look through threads and posts and pages.... Everyone always looks so happy don't they? Everyone is so pretty and alluring... Yet not a fucking moment of their attention is worth enduring...

Disingenuous Venomous was our tongue. We weakened and splintered the stud, with each word that we hung. We disrupted and revealed each skeleton we thought we had dug. Disingenuous was each song the that we sung. We steered straight toward the wounds that still stung. We pierced our hearts, with each arrow we flung.

This artist is not one that is commonly liked... But if you remove the stigma surrounding him... You might surprise yourself. We've only reached the third day of a seven-day bingeAnd I can already see your name disintegrating from my lipsWe've only reached the third day of a seven-day bingeI can already see your name... Continue Reading →

Love has been singed from my lips. Always comes to an end. Love will never be my friend. Loveless, my friend, you will singe me till the end.

My house in BudapestMy hidden treasure chestGolden grand pianoMy beautiful Castillo YouYouI'd leave it all My acres of a landI have achievedIt may be hard for you toStop and believeBut for youYouI'd Leave it all Give me one good reasonWhy I should never make a changeAnd baby if you hold meThen all of this will... Continue Reading →

Cheers to you, for those with power. Cheers to you, whom which cower! Cheers to you who reach tall towers. Cheers to you that holds taste, such sour! You hold your glory with such strength. Little do you know, how little it means. And such follows, your demons. Cheers! To, how little you know what... Continue Reading →

Lines and cuts Smooth and jagged Form it all the way you'd have it Metal and wood Seamless and ending There's no where else to go, there's no pretending I belong in this unorthodox box

What a false image you portray... Those smoke and mirrors are a perfect shade of gray. Your playfield of mirrors cover everything in a perfect guise... leaving no awareness of where any boundary really lies. Inward moves your words heavier than the morning dew. O how they lay low, O the damage isn't few. Each... Continue Reading →

Calmer of Hearts

To calm a heart of someone you adore, is to know the person that it beats for... To look into their eyes.... and to find the depths, where everything real lies... To bring them near; to feel their fear... To be here... Here, here my dear. Words, energizing each and every breath... Energy given and... Continue Reading →

Love, if you had two hands would you let me fall? Love, if you had two eyes do they open? Love, if you had two feet would they ever walk with me? Love, if you had a heart would it beat at all?

May Day

Sunken is my heart amongst the wreckage. Hope went the fastest; and she lies with in the muck next to me. Peaceful are the sounds beneath the surface, silence entered and prayer escaped along with the tiny bubbles. Chilly are the nights and warm are the days, and the image of you will soon fade.... Continue Reading →

Circumstance is no one's victim. Situation sits the way you fix them. Pain cried the wren. "Whoa, is me!" Cries the men.

You can farm it all... You can make it all formidable... You can keep performing.. Keep it all in this form... If you are able.


His stare held a wish for death near and close. His body tense and rigid, to the tips of his toes. Breathing so shallow, so meek. Not an ounce of energy left to wallow. Life to his left, wife to his right. Mundane sat before him positioned perfectly on his plate. Questioning how this serving... Continue Reading →

Anytime.. Any_minute. Any_thing. Any_hour. Any-second. Any-how. Any-time Any-place. Any-where. Any-you. Happy you Sad you Mad you You. YOU OH GOD U you........ You With out you Is NO you. Just a little of you. Is better than NONE of you.

You store me in your little box, all hidden and safe, from the all the other boys. Like a trinket all shiney; yet, playful like you're favorite toy. Though you see my shine; I will never glimmer enough. Though I play; I will never be sufficient for your game, Oh so rough. I can't hear... Continue Reading →

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