Never My Love by The Association

You ask me if there'll come a timeWhen I grow tired of youNever, my loveNever, my loveYou wonder if this heart of mineWill lose its desire for youNever, my loveNever, my loveWhat makes you think love will end?When you know that my whole life dependsOn you (on you)Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)Never, my loveNever, my loveYou say you... Continue Reading →

Love Petals

Petals of loveRadiate Rushing red...Blossoms of seduction Procure Provocative pink...Florets of passion Gleam Grandiose gold...Vines of romance...Surround me....-Madamchryzl-

Tuesday Song “Outside” by Tops

"Outside" by Tops Outside, you don't know whyWe tell each other in the middle of the nightTalk about it like you really wanna knowWhat she running 'round forRat-ta-ta, the door unlatchSomeone here to take you backOutside in the middle of the streetAre you getting what you need?Thoughts of you running through my mindOpen door but... Continue Reading →

Monday Song “Petals” by TOPS

"Petals" by TOPS All I wanna doLet the petals fall awayAll I wanna do is call your nameLast nightLast night on earth todayI'll make it worthwhileIf you promise to do the sameYou saw the taillightIn the water on the windowpaneDid you noticeYou were scratching the paint?Got a phone full of numbersAnd a list full of... Continue Reading →

Thursday Song “Amoreena” By Elton John

Just lately, I've been thinking, how much I miss my ladyAmoreena's in the cornfield, brightening the daybreakLiving like a lusty flower, running through the grass for hoursRolling through the hay like a puppy child And when it rains, the rain falls downWashing out the cattle townBut she's quite safe up far away in her eiderdownAnd... Continue Reading →

Confession I

Oh Father,If there was a reasonForSurpassing Soulful treason...He... He,Would be my reason...Oh...A heart...Oh...A soul...Oh...He hides...Charging,It's toll....Oh...SO tough! Oh!So bold!Oh...A delicate heart.. He is unable... To hold...Oh! HE! OH! Me!Such carelessness,To see...Oh!To let him,Hold me...Oh!Such enouement...Oh!Such,Darkle, Spent...Such,Sand sinksIn such,A cosset..-Madamchryzl-


"Conigh - is Cajun French for conniving... But in a mischievous fun way." I've been called this once or twice and always with love. 🖤 😉 Enjoy... Kah nighAm ITo SpyWith MyLittle EyeA Sigh To replyOh,Lovers CryOh,Shivery ThighLet's TryTo FlyHeights HighOh,MyOh MyHands TryTo ReplySo SlySlights NighAm ISo Kah-nighLittle I Can't deny-Madamchryzl-

Narcoleptic Nymph VII

Narcoleptic Nymph VII You are perfect for the night...Your image is setTo blind meIn the light...Air and water evaporate at sight.. Some images are only Meant to seeDuring the night...-Madamchryzl-

Black Hole

BLACK HOLE A galaxy generated within false ink...Cosmos of love gone within a blink...Cursed dark vortex dissolving all heat...Implosion has replaced my every heartbeat...Concave words buckle within...Just ellipsis following the end...-Madamchryzl-🖤 Previously posted in March but is applicable today! 🖤 For us self proud of our Sagittarius title... LET TODAY BE EVEN MORE GRAND. 🖤... Continue Reading →

Confessional Walls

Confessional Walls These confessional wallsShould not beBuilt so thin...Let the construct Be of diamondsso they maydeflect my sin...Walls of Pineand thin curtainWill not withstandNor contain...Such a concessionOf lovers dancingAlong the borderFar from saine...Oh feeble wallsOh echoing halls...My sinful words...Would surely rupture...All that isThis measly structure... -Madamchryzl-

MaMa -Happy Mothers Day

A consonant... A vowel...A consonant...A vowel...MAMA...A constant vow...To be the personWho she needs to beWhether she wants toOr choose differently...A face of loveA hand of stengthPowers of giving a warm hug When she would rather shove...Some plan to be a mother...Some take the role of another...No two are the same...All have, Poured out tears like... Continue Reading →

Ignis Fatuus

Your words float Aside Along and safely InsideHollow iridescent spheresSafe from ourFearsI watch them CloselyI love themMostlyI imagine theyLandPrecisely where IStandThey tickle myFeetA slow trickling TreatSwirling circulating lovingWordsDrawing in jealous BirdsThey chase themFeverishly OhIf you couldSeeThis vision thisDanceSuch an equivocal TranceThese bubbles wouldBurstEliminating all that's Cursed-Madamchryzl-

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