Waves of Audio

Vibrations heard from miles away.       

Validation strong enough to make one stay.

Simply acknowledged by the words you say. 

Understood through the wires through the sounds you relay.     

Tones of truth leaving veils of dismay.

Seemingly, half truths are easier to portray.

Between space and sound passions ignite under a perfect disarray, quicker than water laps upon a bay…

Thoughts and hearts left out to flay…

The clock strikes with out delay soon off to slumber, and then on to another day.

They Fray

Lying with your ghost keeps lonely at bay; Oh how I long for it through out the day. Too many worlds stand in our way, leaving me ravished for slumber as the sky falls into the gray. Oh Mr. Ghost, please say you will stay. Please hold me as we fall into the fray.

Heart of Ice

May the artic ice take it’s tones… Allow the freeze to reach your bones… Brace yourself for a pain that rightfully belongs… My shards shall reach through your lungs… No warmth to avail… God help the pain that shall prevail… A suffering straight from hell… Never was there a warning to entail… Nor ever a survivor that lived to tell my tale.


Feels like I am drowning in black and white, when I choose to live in radiant color.

My whole life I watched those with erasers; masking utensils follow behind.

“Why would you want to fade these beautiful hues?” I would ask.

“Because it discolors our scenery.” They would say.

And follow you will, continue to stand behind; here, my love reigns.

I prefer a colorful horizon, multitudes of beauty and breathing endless color spectrum.

Science can have their primary Yellow, Red, and Blue.

Our sun radiates yellow, our sky covers us in blue, and our hearts beat red.

Those with erasers in hope of new beginnings will not wash away my love.

Nor, mask your angry of ink to deface my crimson heart.

Cast out your erasers and agendas and open your eyes.

Dive into the life that has been painted before you; if you love today, may you love even more tomorrow.

I feel like I am drowning in black and white when I am breathing colorless air.




Lines of Sight

I can set my sights as far as I can see and know your still waiting with me.

My faults could be sprawled across the skies and erasing them would not even be worth your tries.

Loving me comes with so much anguish and battle stands and yet you rest in comfort within these same pain inflicting hands.

There may or may not be resolution with potential pains that come with my affections. I just plea to you; I’m sorry, please continue to battle my rejections.

For my sights are set as far as I can see, and in the horizon, the morning sun is setting for you and me.