Nonsensical Nomad I

I Am notHere for your Entertainment nor your complete StimulationIMay or May Not But More so EVERY singleTimeWhatA crossYou must bareTo amuse yourself withEverytimeMineIs aSingular struggle withoutA device capable ofSavingTodayOr tomorrow Yesterday yet morrowSeize all of todayNow -Madamchryzl-

Narcoleptic Nymph VII

Such A Tease Photo Credit: John Teal Oh, Father... Forgive me please...I do believeThat I am anIncredible tease...I am dissatisfiedLess He be beggingOn His knees...Not so that I wish notAim to please... Oh Forgive Me!It is onlyHis Entire BeingThat I wishTo forever seize...-Madamchryzl- Thank you Mr. John Teal, However, I have found that some days... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nymph VII

Narcoleptic Nymph VII You are perfect for the night...Your image is setTo blind meIn the light...Air and water evaporate at sight.. Some images are only Meant to seeDuring the night...-Madamchryzl-

Nefarious Nymph II

An anguish of a different kind...A new torture as old as time...You have become a Favorite strap of mine...Created perfectly for blistery hind...-Madamchryzl- This poem will be reposted with a password due to the "X Rated" charcoal drawing By John Teal - The password is "Nymph" 😉 🖤

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