Naughty Narcoleptic Nymph

Grand displeasure tugs at my apron string... "Tonight, now? But I have so much to do." He stands there before me, almost 6 feet tall... His ghostly image lined within a Yellow Taped frame. Holding the shards of me together... My breathing turns heavy and I'm down on the floor... Alone in blissful agony, even... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nymph-Noel

Poinsettia Narcoleptic Nymph-Noel With mistletoe on her lips, she leaned into her lover. He knew she was deadly love, wrapped in a bow. He returned her kiss and her hands grasped both arms. She loved his taste and wished it would stay forever. Instead she held his bottom lip pressed between her teeth… His holiday... Continue Reading →

A Pawn

Just A Pawn... Madamchryzl 2004-ish A pawn in your game... Only my name... Phonetic syllables, all the same... Synonymous with shame... -Madamchryzl-


Pleasant tongue... Roaming from... Soft leather... Stormy weather... Lightening creeps... Lover sleeps... -Madamchryzl-

Monday Song

Leon Bridges-Don't Worry 😉 We been runnin' 'round covered in gas, playin' with matches, ohWe've been runnin' this thing, burnin' it down, downSweetly talkin' but you and I both knowKeep on runnin' it down, the world that we ignoredI don't have much but I give you loveI used to say that kind of stuffLike a... Continue Reading →

An Ode To ‘Dirty Dancing’

🖤Dirty Dancing🖤 Familiar songs bring comfort and pleasant memories... Her heart goes, bump bump... As her kisses come in three's... His heart goes, bump bump... Giggles turn to sighs.. Her heart goes, bump bump... Cradled, unlike a baby, though she cries... His heart goes, bump bump... Plush cotton heavy on the skin... Her heart goes,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Song

Wednesday Song-Panic Room by Au/Ra Some of you will probably know this one... 🙂 (Welcome to theWelcome to theWelcome to theWelcome to the)Hell raising, hair raisingI'm ready for the worstSo frightening, face whiteningFear that you can't reverse My phone has no signalIt's making my skin crawlThe silence is so loudThe lights spark and flickerWith monsters... Continue Reading →

Sticky Situation

Photo By: Paul Brouillette What a sticky situation we are in... You're not even my friend... A thought... A tingle... You're not even single... You are a glimpse... A minx... You bit off my cuff links... What a situation we have created... The adhesion gets better with each moment of lacking sophistication... The sweetness is... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Friend

Last night you were not with me... Where did you go?  Did you stay in bed, did you wake up to see?  That you were with her and not Me? We never even had a chance, never was there any room for a romance... My hearts keeper does his job well, but my lips shall... Continue Reading →

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