If only I were blind enough to not have seen your eyes.

Only if we were smart enough to avoid hiding behind lies.

Seeing the tall shadows that follow.

Following dark words to stay afloat in waters so shallow.

Send me…….

A life raft to sail with on a morning so narrow.

Life, a raft, sail through this space.

Through a narrowing of your face.

A crevasse so warm and blue.

So blue, this space between me and you.

They Fray

Lying with your ghost keeps lonely at bay; Oh how I long for it through out the day. Too many worlds stand in our way, leaving me ravished for slumber as the sky falls into the gray. Oh Mr. Ghost, please say you will stay. Please hold me as we fall into the fray.

Cavalier Tear

You disappeared quicker than the sight of my teddy bear.
Taking all that I held dear.
Leaving me behind drowning in fear.
No screams left for your ears to hear.
A road to a future paved in lace oh so sheer.
How else could I steer?

With view of my former self waving in the rear?
Full steam ahead drowning more and more with each dripping tear…
No condolences here just a cavalier smile from ear to ear.