Nonsensical Nomad I

I Am notHere for your Entertainment nor your complete StimulationIMay or May Not But More so EVERY singleTimeWhatA crossYou must bareTo amuse yourself withEverytimeMineIs aSingular struggle withoutA device capable ofSavingTodayOr tomorrow Yesterday yet morrowSeize all of todayNow -Madamchryzl-


Neophyte Adash My heart For she loves Blindly and without direction Fool -Madamchryzl- Photo Credit: @the_artchef Adash: To put to shame.... I think it is Yiddish/Hebrew... Forgive me, it was on my word list. 🖤


Instinctual It isAbsolute love that I feel and willSayThis love makes my world brightAnd lesser days areGreyDarknessStill loomsBut your simpleExistence keeps it atBay-Madamchryzl-

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