Photo by Bryan Geraldo on The Fray Lying with your ghost keeps lonely at bay; Oh how I long for it through out the day. Many worlds stand in our way, leaving me ravished for slumber as the sky falls into the gray. Oh Mr. Ghost, please say you will stay. Please hold me... Continue Reading →

Commodity oddity, none of us are odder than thee...Forget about your pain, it is all the gain.You're nothing but your Name.Commodities, oddities...Only darkness births These.Sins of our past feed the trees...Commodity Oddity feeds our list,fill us up, lest we turn to dust. Commodities oddities, unrighteousness is all the seas, your vanity is all that it... Continue Reading →

Mama, there are so many lessons that you taught me as a child but one of my favorite memories is when you taught me how to smile. This one is for you. You taught me how to show just enough light so that they might want more...Isolated muscle movements that dangle at the edge of... Continue Reading →

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