Hue Jay and Blue Jay

Hue Jay & Blue Jay... Sat upon the wire... Looking North... Hue Jay asks... Is it the mountains that you seek? Do you wish to migrate upon the mountain peaks? A new day is born... Hue Jay and Blue Jay sat upon a branch facing South... Blue Jay asks... Is it the ocean that you... Continue Reading →


BirdBathe Art Done By: MadamChryzl Safely stowed, tucked away... You hide within the safest part of myself... Out of reach... -Madamchryzl-

Dark Hues

Dark Hues Photo By: Meg Graves I fear I will forget every word that I have ever known...I constantly cower at my Calliope's continuing fading image...Rhymes, paint, flowers, and air fade from my soul...My Muse will never know the suffocation my heart has to endure...Logic has become nonsense, and every day is a sad Sunday...My... Continue Reading →

Life’s Chore

Photo By: Meg Graves Life's Chore Son of Nothing, reaps splendor...None knocks upon my door...From Flower to floor...Left with nothing, more...So Sour through sore...Simple, Sweet and so demure...Life's little sinful chore...Pain is life upon the pure...-Madamchryzl-

Return To Sender

Return To Sender Where does my love land, if it does not reach you... Where does it go... Does it wither or turn blue... Does it live... What can hold something so few... What can such singular love mean... Who would return warm love to the palest hue... Who can ever love such an empty... Continue Reading →

I Run

Photo By: Meg Graves I RUN I race to you...Like lovers do...I hide from you...Like the frightened do...I love you...Like a heart will do...I run through you...Like time will do...-Madamchryzl-

Dinner Bits

Dinner Bits Such friends are quiver and quaver... Alas, they bring flesh a flavor... Stillness left to oscillate... Hunger needs no plate... You, I wish to be served... -Madamchryzl-

Sans Toi

Sans Toi I rise each morning with anticipation of your arrival... Such ardor leaves poor chances of revival... Sans toi... I set each evening exhausted with grief... Along with prayers grasping to belief... Sans toi... Weakness is a trait; my heart's heart will reject... Love's pressure leaves the brightest effect... Sans toi... -Madamchryzl-

Mythical Prayers

Love was yesterday's child... I beg thee, Artemis, "You're forbidden from hearts wild!" Infantile tears for all of tomorrow's temult... I plea to you Eros, " Thou, HALT!" My lips journey alone through winter... I cry, "Jupiter, grant warmer days to enter!" -Madamchryzl-

Narcoleptic Nymph III

Give Me Lace There is something about lace that really puts a smile on my face... I find such delight for lace, in delicate white... Though, lace in black will surely set the boys back... Sigh, not enough can be said of lace dripped in red... Cover me in them all, then find me, just... Continue Reading →

His Hands

Lines within the stars light the image well... The constellations lie, right where they fell... Intricately hand painted with grandeur design... Forever there for beauty to behold, the mighty man kind... -Madamchryzl-

Deadboy & The Elephantmen “No Rainbow”

Deadboy & The Elephantmen "No Rainbow" *Local Artist* 😉🖤This one is rather somber; if you are feeling well tonight, save it for another time.🖤😉 Baby,I'm bleeding stillMy blood is all down the drainMy blood is all down the drainBaby,It's raining now you're hereAnd falling,But, I think it's bloodNo rainbowIt's raining skullsWhen the raining stops,There will... Continue Reading →

Monday Song -Frank Sinatra-“Funny Valentine”

Monday Song - Frank Sinatra-"Funny Valentine" My funny valentineSweet comic valentineYou make me smile with my heartYour looks are laughableUnphotographableYet you're my favorite work of artIs your figure less than Greek?Is your mouth a little weak?When you open it to speakAre you smart?But don't change a hair for meNot if you care for meStay little... Continue Reading →

“Stuck On You” by Elvis

"Stuck On You" by Elvis You can shake an apple off an apple treeShake-a, shake, sugarBut you'll never shake meUh-uh-uhNo-sir-ee, uh, uhI'm gonna stick like glueStick because I'mStuck on youGonna run my fingers through your long black hairSqueeze you tighter than a grizzly bearUh-uh-uhYes-sir-ee, uh, uhI'm gonna stick like glueStick, because I'mStuck on youHide in... Continue Reading →

Still Trying

Still Trying 🖤Photo By: Vova Zinger 🖤 Paint the image of life back into me... Hide from the world what they must not see... Battered by waves of waves... Scorched for days and days... Paint the image of life back into me... Hide from the world what they must not see... -Madamchryzl- PHOTO CREDIT: Vova... Continue Reading →


What kept you on bottom... I reject... I'm sorry God allowed them... I object... You are a force without them... I declare .. -Madamchryzl-

Friday Song is By: Bruce Springsteen

Friday Song - Bruce Springersonsteen... Or something like that ... I bet no one even recognizes that guys name... "ROSALITA" is the song... 🖤I BET MR. SPRINGERSONSTEEN WAS A 🐰 TOO!🖤 Spread out now Rosie, doctor come cut loose her mama's reinsYou know playin' blind man's bluff is a little baby's gameYou pick up little... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day

This story could be triggering. Valentines Day... She sat in the den thinking of everything that could have been... Should have been; and what it was in real life... Reality did not agree with the voices, and they agreed on nothing... That day she listened to her Grandfather Clock strike 12 twice... Not once had... Continue Reading →

That’s Cause Why

My darling angel, why do you run about? "Because Mama, sleep I can do without." My precious boy, why do you fuss about? "Bacause Mama, instructions I can not figure out." My sweet, sweet Love, why do you roam about? "Because Mama, I need to fly, and these walls will not let me out." My... Continue Reading →

Marketing Do your night terrors only include fun... The only gear you idle in, is run run run... Eyes, hands, and feet are bound by wires and cords... Data and Graphs reign among many lords... Infinite possibilities within resolutions view... Oh, the screen can certainly misconstrue... Real humans have become more scary than drugs... Maximum... Continue Reading →

I can never get enough of this song... (I have always been quite fond of these guys... i think "bc I like vampire music" is what I'm told. Lol) .. I wish I could live freeI hope it's not beyond meSettling down, it takes timeOne day we'll live togetherAnd life will be betterI have it... Continue Reading →

Red Pleasure

My Madam of Red Pleasure has become less easy to please… I try to serve Her blindly; though, I am quite a tease… Newly constructed avenues to Her have been delightfully painstaking… Only the deepest of the universes are ours for the making… Her power rests on the shores of unattainable satisfaction… The reward, is... Continue Reading →

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