Sunday Song ” La Porte D’ en Arriere ” (The Backdoor) By DL Menard

“La Porte D’ en Arriere ” (The Backdoor) By DL Menard

In celebration of today being the Sunday before Mardi Gras, I am posting one of the more popular Cajun French songs that I have grown up listening to. I will admit with dialects and versions being as vast as the different types of Gumbo, I am not 100% sure of what is really being said. However, I do recall my family laughing ALOT while they circled the dance floor. I do also suspect that what I was told about the song might have had something to do whiskey. 🤣

I copied the lyrics below from a commentator on… If you ever want to entertain yourself, feel free to listen, read, or watch Cajuns argue over our broken language. 🤣🥰

I went out dancing at the honky-tonk
The band it got to steamin’ like a Cajun swamp
I sat down with my buddies just to have a few
Must’ve had a few too many ’cause the next I knew,
I woke up, they dragged me though the back door.

Last Sunday night we had a big soiree
Every branch and blossom on the family tree
I ducked outside to get a little bit loose
Started acting pretty tight,
feeling loose as a goose,
I crawled in, they snuck me in through the back door.

Papa told me “Son, its time you earned your keep
The way that you been acting, you’re my one black sheep,
I didn’t raise you up to bring your Mama shame,
I don’t intend to let you ruin the family name–
Shape up now, boy, or leave home through the back door.”

I went to do some thinkin’ at my favorite bar
started in to drinkin’ but I went too far
Got into a fight and when the sheriff came round
He said, “You think you’re hot, son, this’ll cool you down–
Thirty days, boys, take him out through the back door.”

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