Stevie Nick’s

I Can See Were Thinkin Bout The Same ThingsAnd I Can See Your Expression When The Phone RingsWe Both Know Theres Something Happening HereWell, Theres No Sense In Dancing Round The SubjectA Wound Gets Worse When Its Treated With NeglectDont Turn Around Theres Nothing Here To FearYou Can Talk To MeTalk To MeYou Can Talk... Continue Reading →


PINK FLOYD "ON THE TURNING AWAY" On the turning awayFrom the pale and downtroddenAnd the words they sayWhich we won't understandDon't accept that what's happeningIs just a case of others' sufferingOr you'll find that you're joining inThe turning awayIt's a sin that somehowLight is changing to shadowAnd casting its shroudOver all we have knownUnaware how... Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras Season Has Begun!

Mardi Gras Season Has Begun! I have two videos that I would like to share... This song is done in variations from town to town... Sort of like a "different tribes" sort of thing. So the transition might not be 100% but it is probably a strong 80%... lol 🖤 They are both the same... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Song – Roy Orbison “Only The Lonely”

Wednesday Song - Roy Orbison "Only The Lonely" Only the lonelyOnly the lonelyOnly the lonelyKnow the way I feel tonightOnly the lonelyKnow this feeling ain't right There goes my babyThere goes my heartThey're gone foreverSo far apartBut only the lonelyKnow whyI cryOnly the lonely Only the lonelyOnly the lonely Only the lonelyKnow the heartaches I've... Continue Reading →

Rock Song

Song... Deftones "Rosemary" (Rock) There’s no soundBut the engine’s droneOur minds set freeTo roam Time We discover the entryTo other planesOur minds bendAnd our fingers foldEntwined we dream of unknown Time We discover the entryTo other planesStay with meAs we cross the empty skiesCome sail with meWe slow downAs the engines stallOur eyes catch syncWe... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Song- The Del Vikings- “Come and Go With Me”

"Come and Go With Me" - Del Vikings Dom-dom dom-dom dom-de-doo-beDom dom dom dom dom dom-de-doo-beDom dom dom dom dom dom-be-doo-beDom woa-woa-woa-woah Dom-dom dom-dom dom-de-doo-beDom dom dom dom dom dom-de-doo-beDom dom dom dom dom dom-be-doo-beDom woa-woa-woa-woah Well I love, love you darlin'Come and go with meCome home with meWay beyond the seaI need you darlin'So... Continue Reading →


Blind attraction, chain reactionWhat you have is minePersian ivy running wildlyAshes left behindCome a little closer, come a littleCloser now to the edgeWinds are blowing, fires glowingDancing in your headGrand occasion conversationLight the crowded roomNo one knows which way we're goingBut we'll get there soonRun from the mountain, poison the fountainJust for the peace of... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Song- “Loveable Girl” James Carr

"Loveable Girl" James Carr Hot lips like fireEver-burning mindEyes just like the moonlightThat forever shinesYou are admirableYou're so desirableWhat a loveable girlWhat a loveable girl You're loving armsAre ever holding meSweet words of inspirationYou're always inspiring meYou're excitingYour lips are so invitingOh, what a loveable girlWhat a loveable girl Oh girlHow dare I think one... Continue Reading →


December's storm of the century... Birthed a new worldly energy... Winter's Tornado could not prevail... She was born to battle this hell... He paced to the lyrics of Crazy Train... Heart beating faster than the rain... Fear only a young mother can feel... Yet skin numb to the cold steal... Skies quiet... A Mom's might...... Continue Reading →

Extra Song… Fink “Looking Too Closely”

Extra Song... Fink "Looking Too Closely" This is a song about somebody elseSo don't worry yourself, worry yourselfThe devil's right there right there in the detailsAnd you don't wanna hurt yourself, hurt yourselfLooking too closelyLooking too closelyOh, no, no, no!Put your arms around somebody elseDon't punish yourself, punish yourselfTruth is like blood underneath your fingernailsAnd... Continue Reading →

Friday Song-Radiohead “High and Dry”

Two jumps in a weekI bet you think that's pretty clever, don't you, boy?Flying on your motorcycleWatching all the ground beneath you drop You'd kill yourself for recognitionKill yourself to never, ever stopYou broke another mirrorYou're turning into something you are not Don't leave me highDon't leave me dryDon't leave me highDon't leave me dry... Continue Reading →

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