"Conigh - is Cajun French for conniving... But in a mischievous fun way." I've been called this once or twice and always with love. πŸ–€ πŸ˜‰ Enjoy... Kah nighAm ITo SpyWith MyLittle EyeA Sigh To replyOh,Lovers CryOh,Shivery ThighLet's TryTo FlyHeights HighOh,MyOh MyHands TryTo ReplySo SlySlights NighAm ISo Kah-nighLittle I Can't deny-Madamchryzl-


Self Sufficient Self depletion is a measure...Oh, borderline painful pleasure...Less can reassure...Self-preservation can be a treasure...Selfish love can rest assure...Myself pleads to me, "Madame, please, more..."-Madamchryzl-

Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift A fanciful bow will not do... My choice present for you... Is wrapped in yellow tape... Be gentle with my nape... -Madamchryzl- May your day be beautiful and kind...Do not forget to thank your beautiful Mother for birthing you, on this day so many years ago. She brought quite a force into this... Continue Reading →

5 Good Minutes

5 Good Minutes Snuggled up close, Rosie and her youngest son sank in deep beneath the fluffy, pastel down comforter. Though she was asleep, in this moment, Rosie was grateful to have dodged insomnia. DAHN! DAHN! DAHN! Rosie turns over.  Being quite used to experiencing rather vivid dreams Rosie assumed the sounds where part of... Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras Season Has Begun!

Mardi Gras Season Has Begun! I have two videos that I would like to share... This song is done in variations from town to town... Sort of like a "different tribes" sort of thing. So the transition might not be 100% but it is probably a strong 80%... lol πŸ–€ They are both the same... Continue Reading →

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