Murderous Bayou

A Tale With No Ending

"What do you know of murder?" she asked.
The lieutenant stared.

"What DO you know of murder?"she repeated.

Lieutenant Boch realigned his posture.
"I know that people murder people. I know it does not always require motive and sometimes it has one." he replied.

Penelope sat in her rocking chair and continued to knit what seemed to be a bonnet in progress.

"I will ask you the same Madame. Mrs. Penelope, what of murder, do you know?" Boch asked.

She stopped rocking,lowered her needles, and stared innocently with large dark eyes.

"I know that it is just nearly, impossible to clean it all up. Quite a task. Quite a task." Penelope sighed and continued to delicately move her needles in and around one another.

Hesitant, and calm Boch contemplates following the bloody footprints leading to the front door.


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