I just want to enlighten you in ways, in which you would like... But those things are, apologetically, forbidden. I like to imagine that your smell is like leather, cleaned and raw. Do you keep your domain dimmed to a calm perfection? Awkward silences could be quite alluring if you are present. Your confidence makes... Continue Reading →

Saturday Song – The Cure- Lullaby

Saturday Song - The Cure- Lullaby On candy stripe legs the Spiderman comesSoftly through the shadow of the evening sunStealing past the windows of the blissfully deadLooking for the victim shivering in bedSearching out fear in the gathering gloom andSuddenlyA movement in the corner of the roomAnd there is nothing I can doWhen I realize... Continue Reading →

Demon Cake

Photo By: MadamChryzl Demon Cake In a ravenous lust I search my nightmares for you... Beholden a tempestuous yet silent smile I yank you through... Disoriented and furious are all my comrades and inmates... I do not rebuke their opposition... I negate their fate... For I fix and admire their position... Some hang there... And... Continue Reading →


"She floated straightish..." Photo By: MadamChryzl Possession What a powerful hand you possess... Such an attribute, I'll confess... You took me into your hands... And performed magic over my lands... You're a magician; no, a warlock... You possess more strength than time left on your clock... Over power Me.... I am a Banshee... I am... Continue Reading →

Cautionary Disclosure…

*CAUTIONARY DISCLOSURE* Hello my readers... The fact that you have taken one second of your day to read and experience my ramblings means more to me than .... any of it will for you... I experience seasons of light and darkness... If you are prone to depression, mania, or anything that is "Trigger" oriented... I... Continue Reading →

Off To The Side

Off To The Side I have allowed myself to grow rather sick... My stomach never settles and the air is always thick... My palette only craves wine and spirits... The darkness is comfort and the light fears it... I search for nothing all day and night... Nothing holds any fright... Everything is dizzy and misshapen...... Continue Reading →

No Light Tonight…

No Light Tonight The night will never fright... For I am a dark sight! Scream! Just right! No! Not too tight! Brace yourself, find your might! In this space the fear sits just right! Render yourself lucky, tonight is your night... Madamchryzl

Thursday Song-Rare Monk-Phosphorescence

Song by Rare Monk-Phosphorescence... I like this album in general... I feel like not many artists can produce "a good album" now and days... "Happy Haunting would be probably be my favorite though...🖤 BreatheBreathe in the oceanBreath in slowlyDreamDream phosphorescenceDream its glow SinkSink into sine wavesDeep belowDrift in indifferent equations'Undertow Aaah, burn the skies awayAaah,... Continue Reading →


MC Photo by Pixabay on The deject the rumblings.. The metal sounds like calamity and fumbling's... They hold no shine and no lure... Not like they did before... They are one in the same... Each wheel only drives pain... Madamchryzl


Tic Toc, Tic Toc... The man followed the clock... The clock struck six... And there he sat in the world he could not fix... Tic Toc, Tic Toc... The clock struck five.... Awakened, Alive! The man chose only to survive... MADAMCHRYZL


STARS LIE... OIL Art By: MadamChryzl... (Knife along the stars) My Star My Lie tight... My Lie I tell tonight... Bring me a delightful freight... Bring me a taste that I desire upon sight... You are wrong and I am right... And you deplete me of all of my might... Color me blue... Please, I... Continue Reading →


Speculate Your Own Hate Speculation is just as dangerous as infatuation... One can assume... But it is their own mind that they consume... You can only know, if you inquire... Anything else, set it to fire... Let ashes blow away, let the burned remains bring in something new... The only thing you are ever truly... Continue Reading →

Art By: Madamchryzl Bloodstream Feels like I am drowning in black and white, when I choose to live in radiant color. My whole life I watched those with erasers; masking utensils follow behind. "Why would you want to fade these beautiful hues?" I would ask. "Because it discolors our scenery." They would say. And follow you will, continue to stand... Continue Reading →

She Became Heartless *Disclosure: Dark Natured Short Story* The knife shook in her hand as she tried to resist it. She sat trembling, with sweat pouring down her face. She could not distinguish tears from the sweat, she stifled the screams as she shut her eyes... "This can't be how it ended." she thought with... Continue Reading →

McFearfullness Your ability to hurt me has been rather uncivilized... Leather and chains I would have panegyrized. Perhaps one can not be fearless, in all that they do... If history has taught me anything, Love is nothing but a coup... Love is a snare... Who should ever dare... I am unable to compare... Love is... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Song- Woman... By: M&S WomanCaught behind those burning eyesTangled up in morning whiteDo you ever really know?Can you ever really know? WomanWatch her take me by surpriseWhen she lets me call her mineDo you ever really know?Can you ever really know?And I don't know the loneliness she longI don't hear the frosty words that... Continue Reading →

Cannon You silently roared through like a cannon... There was no safe place to stand in... You scattered me across the galaxy and into a darker world... Into oblivion my heart was hurled... Devastating all that surrounds me... There is no returning, though the others plea... Your ammunition was unlike any other kind... I wish... Continue Reading →

Photo By: MadamChryzl Friend or Foe The heat of the Cajun Sun could not compare to burning in my heart... Not for a moment did I wish to be apart... As the pavement rumbled so did my soul... With out trying you shook away every part of me that was cold... Talking with you did... Continue Reading →

What is a scorned love with out a sad country song? I have a very limited tolerance for Country Artists... But Mr. Whitley is truly one of the greatest in my book... Where there's a cloud don't mean there's rainTears in my eyes don't mean there's painDon't flatter yourself, I'm over youThings aren't always what... Continue Reading →

Derivatives Photo By: MadamChryzl Sensation exists because of deprivation... Boundaries are given on basis of stipulation... Longing develops when one stands in the right place... Agony will never depart with out a trace... Scars can be beautiful and not all leave a mark... Discomfort has its place the boundaries need not be stark. Voids exist... Continue Reading →

My Pillow My pillow knows... No sleep... No love to keep... Only the tears that I weep... My pillow knows... Your name, and that every moment is all the same... Madamchryzl

I'd sunk in oceans blueNow they're all frozen overI should have took your handWe should have crossed the border Because never againMeans none of this at all Forever pretendIn our shelters we don't fall Falling short againI'm falling short again The ranges set so highAnd I could never climbFallingIt's so cold, I've come outWhere's the... Continue Reading →

Grievous Photo By: MadamChryzl "Vermillionville" Grievous people do even more grievous things... In the world with ebony skies the raven sings... "O Hark, light escapes and the darkness trails my wings." Desperate people do desperate things... There is no measure for sorrow or of how a scorned thorn stings... Silence can sing... Defense is King...... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Chair Photo By: MadamChryzl (Custom Tattoos by Andy-Hill Country Texas) This is my favorite chair... I love it so much I can feel my endorphins flare... I am welcomed to sit or lay... But I choose to fly... I gaze upon and sigh... It's intentions are written in ink, on my skin... The... Continue Reading →

My Mawmaw... (arguably one of the most kick ass Southern women till the day she passed) would say: "Baby girl, fix ya problems... Ain't NO ONE else gunna do it forya.  Life is hard and it won't get any easier... So get use to it, sha." Miss you Mawmaw... I miss you lots... MadamChryzl-

I was hesitant on posting this one bc it is quite eclectic... I've been told that I was very odd for liking this song so much... The lyrics complement the pain and satisfy a dark hunger... RIP to the singer.... Pain works on a sliding scaleSo does pleasure in a candy jailTrue love doesn't come... Continue Reading →

I Lie To Myself Photo by: Madamchryzl I tell myself, if you only knew.... What I was going through... That there is so much that you would do... Perhaps you would hold me and tell me that this was meant to be... Maybe if you would look into my eyes and see, what this has... Continue Reading →

Phantasm Vs Fantasy I married a ghost and fell in love with a dream... Maybe it is not as bad as it may seem... My ghost only haunts 100 days out of the year.... and well my dream, he was able to disappear... Though they both are invisible and unable to be seen... Simultaneously, they... Continue Reading →

Jester Of Hearts My Heart is quite a fool... She is a continuous embarrassment of mine... Although, she is quite punctual and hurts me all the time... For over three decades she has deceived and mislead... And a All that I hear are hurtful laughs from my head... "HA! As if!" "HA! Get a grip!"... Continue Reading →

Photo By: MadamChryzl Water hung from her finger tips like tears... Her gown drenched in the heaviness of her fears... She waltzed the whole way, barely touching the floor... Voraciously, her body craved emptiness and needed more... Harrowed, she cried and circled to try and find a way... In the places she roamed, never was... Continue Reading →

Cheers... "Sumnabitch"... This video reminds me of the movie Cry Baby... One of my child-ish hood faves. 🥰 I'm gonna need someone to help meI'm gonna need somebody's handI'm gonna need someone to hold me downI'm gonna need someone to careI'm gonna writhe and shake my bodyI'll start pulling out my hairI'm going to cover... Continue Reading →

Lines of Sight 2.0

I can set my sights as far as I can see and know that you are still waiting with me. My faults could be sprawled across the skies and erasing them would not be worth the tries. Loving me comes with so much anguish and battle stands... Yet you rest in comfort within these pain... Continue Reading →

Morticia and Gomez My Love, You ropes and chains are a bit tight. Thank you dearly, the pain is just right. You smile lovely, with your tender lips. Less tender are your whips. I am your slave. Never will I behave. My mischief will drive you red. Loving every bit of the torture that I... Continue Reading →

This one might not be for some of my pals on here... But if you are ever on a daytime rendezvous in Cajun Country and have your windows down... and you are maybe searching for a way to create new nerve endings... Keep your boundaries but maybe make one small part of them expandable... They... Continue Reading →

I suppose I might be in there somewhere... Perhaps insignificant as some sort of random wild hair? MAYBE just a thought, would you dare? Probably not... because you are standing RIGHT THERE... Am I truly, just so lovely and rare? It is now obvious, I know... You no longer care... You can stumble and stare...... Continue Reading →

BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN-STEVIE WONDER-1974 His lyrics are so playful and naughty! (Giggle) A great song to dance to, as well! I like to see you boogie right across the floorI like to do it to you 'till you holla for moreI like to reggae but you dance too fast for meI'd like to make... Continue Reading →

Candle With Out A Flame

My Love, would you please light a candle for me? Ignite a flame so that I might see... I stumble in the dark and close my eyes in the light... My hands hurt from holding on too tight... There is no sense to be made... Only tears to cascade... A new season has risen since... Continue Reading →

A song for those with a canine spirit. 🙂 Enjoy... Well, I ain't got a kiss left to give you'Cause you weren't good to meAnd I ain't got no news left to feed you'Cause you weren't good to meIt's coldIt's darkIt's deep and it's wetAnd you ain't gonna make itIf you don't let someone inDarlin'Darlin'Darlin'Why... Continue Reading →

Amore Mio

Amore Mio - A tribute to Leon & Mathilda "The Professional" His presence was like static to her finger tips... Instantly, his shoulders had always belonged to her lips... He made her pant and the air hard to breathe... All that he took; surely, he was a thief... Uncommon and a sight, their differences were...... Continue Reading →

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