Amore Mio

Amore Mio – A tribute to Leon & Mathilda “The Professional”

His presence was like static to her finger tips… Instantly, his shoulders had always belonged to her lips…

He made her pant and the air hard to breathe… All that he took; surely, he was a thief…

Uncommon and a sight, their differences were… The skeptics were a bore, or rather a blur…

Time and numbers were never very kind… He knew one day he would always leave her behind…

They filled a golden treasure box full of hours and days… As time moved on with out him; all that she was left was a tearful haze…

She sobbed and she wept; O her man of time… She mourned and faded over his ghost, over time…

Every morning and every night she prayed that she would hear; “I love you” once more… Till then; their locked treasure box was all that was left to adore… Madamchryzl… 

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