Art By: Madamchryzl


Feels like I am drowning in black and white, when I choose to live in radiant color.

My whole life I watched those with erasers; masking utensils follow behind.

“Why would you want to fade these beautiful hues?” I would ask.

“Because it discolors our scenery.” They would say.

And follow you will, continue to stand behind; here, my love reigns.

I prefer a colorful horizon, multitudes of beauty and breathing endless color spectrum.

Science can have their primary Yellow, Red, and Blue.

Our sun radiates yellow, our sky covers us in blue, and our hearts beat red.

Those with erasers in hope of new beginnings will not wash away my love.

Nor, mask your angry of ink to deface my crimson heart.

Cast out your erasers and agendas and open your eyes.

Dive into the life that has been painted before you; if you love today, may you love even more tomorrow.

I feel like I am drowning in black and white when I am breathing colorless air.


Originally posted June 30th, 2017

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