She Became Heartless

*Disclosure: Dark Natured Short Story*

The knife shook in her hand as she tried to resist it. She sat trembling, with sweat pouring down her face. She could not distinguish tears from the sweat, she stifled the screams as she shut her eyes… “This can’t be how it ended.” she thought with her face puffy and red from holding her breath tighter than the knife. Both hands continued to clench the handle that was much too small; her pointer and thumb on her left hand had been gripped against the sharp metal for several minutes and had began to bleed shortly after… She felt like she had been sitting at the table for hours screaming for it to stop…

And then it did, with a hard hollow thump the knife plunged deep within her heart… Her breathing slowed, her eyes dimmed, and the pain that she felt before seemed less painful… Anything, would have been less painful than before…

Gently she laid her head onto the cold kitchen table staring at her last meal that she had forgotten to eat, with a smile… *Madamchryzl*

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