In My Head

The Skull By John TealChalk pencil on black card In My Head In my headEncompassed within boneVibrates a solemn toneBeneath this white shellLives, Oh Heaven and HellIn my headTissue of pale and pinkWith warm depths to sinkWorlds of non-existence Upon walls of resistance In my headVisions live awake and in slumberCalculations and solutions without any... Continue Reading →

Demon Cake

Photo By: MadamChryzl Demon Cake In a ravenous lust I search my nightmares for you... Beholden a tempestuous yet silent smile I yank you through... Disoriented and furious are all my comrades and inmates... I do not rebuke their opposition... I negate their fate... For I fix and admire their position... Some hang there... And... Continue Reading →


"She floated straightish..." Photo By: MadamChryzl Possession What a powerful hand you possess... Such an attribute, I'll confess... You took me into your hands... And performed magic over my lands... You're a magician; no, a warlock... You possess more strength than time left on your clock... Over power Me.... I am a Banshee... I am... Continue Reading →

No Light Tonight…

No Light Tonight The night will never fright... For I am a dark sight! Scream! Just right! No! Not too tight! Brace yourself, find your might! In this space the fear sits just right! Render yourself lucky, tonight is your night... Madamchryzl

She Became Heartless *Disclosure: Dark Natured Short Story* The knife shook in her hand as she tried to resist it. She sat trembling, with sweat pouring down her face. She could not distinguish tears from the sweat, she stifled the screams as she shut her eyes... "This can't be how it ended." she thought with... Continue Reading →

Grievous Photo By: MadamChryzl "Vermillionville" Grievous people do even more grievous things... In the world with ebony skies the raven sings... "O Hark, light escapes and the darkness trails my wings." Desperate people do desperate things... There is no measure for sorrow or of how a scorned thorn stings... Silence can sing... Defense is King...... Continue Reading →

Photo By: MadamChryzl Water hung from her finger tips like tears... Her gown drenched in the heaviness of her fears... She waltzed the whole way, barely touching the floor... Voraciously, her body craved emptiness and needed more... Harrowed, she cried and circled to try and find a way... In the places she roamed, never was... Continue Reading →

October on the bayou, is born again... it's anew.... It brings elements of plenty and elements of few... Long days of light bring conjure up an amplified night... No need to investigate through the caliginous maze; your shadow shall cast about and find the ways... ┬áThe fall orbit brings in fields of treasure and harvests... Continue Reading →

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