Murderous Memory

Another Tale With No Ending Penelope watched as the couple swooned over one another inside of the gondola. She admired how he had brushed her hair away from her eyes so that he may gaze deeper. Penelope sighed and envied the woman’s hand as it gripped her lover’s shoulder tightly when she leaned in to... Continue Reading →

Murderous Mommy

Another Tale With No Ending October fog was always the thickest than in the other months and Penelope loved the it. She loved the feel and the imagery of the spooky air. "Honey, can you grab my box of Halloween decorations out of storage, please?" Penelope asked as she poured two cups of coffee."It has... Continue Reading →

Murderous Bayou

A Tale With No Ending "What do you know of murder?" she asked.The lieutenant stared."What DO you know of murder?"she repeated.Lieutenant Boch realigned his posture."I know that people murder people. I know it does not always require motive and sometimes it has one." he replied. Penelope sat in her rocking chair and continued to knit... Continue Reading →

Nights Corridor

Walls of onyx Humm foreign phonicsThey ripple They trembleThey beatOH obsidian catacombs Groan below my feetThey tumbleThey crumbleThey runThey never reach the sun-Madamchryzl-

Nonsensical Nomad I

I Am notHere for your Entertainment nor your complete StimulationIMay or May Not But More so EVERY singleTimeWhatA crossYou must bareTo amuse yourself withEverytimeMineIs aSingular struggle withoutA device capable ofSavingTodayOr tomorrow Yesterday yet morrowSeize all of todayNow -Madamchryzl-


"Conigh - is Cajun French for conniving... But in a mischievous fun way." I've been called this once or twice and always with love. 🖤 😉 Enjoy... Kah nighAm ITo SpyWith MyLittle EyeA Sigh To replyOh,Lovers CryOh,Shivery ThighLet's TryTo FlyHeights HighOh,MyOh MyHands TryTo ReplySo SlySlights NighAm ISo Kah-nighLittle I Can't deny-Madamchryzl-

Ignis Fatuus

Your words float Aside Along and safely InsideHollow iridescent spheresSafe from ourFearsI watch them CloselyI love themMostlyI imagine theyLandPrecisely where IStandThey tickle myFeetA slow trickling TreatSwirling circulating lovingWordsDrawing in jealous BirdsThey chase themFeverishly OhIf you couldSeeThis vision thisDanceSuch an equivocal TranceThese bubbles wouldBurstEliminating all that's Cursed-Madamchryzl-

Nefarious Nymph II

An anguish of a different kind...A new torture as old as time...You have become a Favorite strap of mine...Created perfectly for blistery hind...-Madamchryzl- This poem will be reposted with a password due to the "X Rated" charcoal drawing By John Teal - The password is "Nymph" 😉 🖤

The Undeserving One

Undeserving LoveParts my skyDelivering blateFrom above...Clouds showerAnd billow belowMe withSilvery cower...Atmospheric stifeSlowly removes willTo feelTrue delight...Undeserving LoveDrenches the soilFlooding belowAnd above...-Madamchryzl-


As we live and breathe... May God, bless the tease... Neither are they naughty or nice... They are just better served, With a tub of ice... -Madamchryzl-

Wondering On Land

Dear Alice,Can you please lend me your hare...My lady! The clock has spliced...The cards have miced...I only have one to share...The smoke possesses a grin That I find too much comfort in...Carry me away with jabs I can attempt to walk me...I am off with it...I have lost my head...I am off wondering...In this land...-Madamchryzl-... Continue Reading →

Pray For Me

Pray For Me PerhapsIf deathFinds me beforeYou you recollect lovePray Pray for youPray that my ghost never finds youMay she not long to hold you The way I do with each heartbeat...Give thanks...Be thankful my prayers remain Unheard, less you would be strungup tightly, by your feet...-Madamchryzl-

Interpol “Narc”

Monday Song Interpol "Narc" Touch your thighs, I'm the lonely oneRemember that last swipe 'cause that was the right oneOh, all your mysteries are moving in the sunAnd show some love and respectWanna get some love and respectBaby you can see that the gazing eye won't lieDon't give up your lover tonight'Cause it's just you,... Continue Reading →


Self Sufficient Self depletion is a measure...Oh, borderline painful pleasure...Less can reassure...Self-preservation can be a treasure...Selfish love can rest assure...Myself pleads to me, "Madame, please, more..."-Madamchryzl-

Hue Jay and Blue Jay

Hue Jay & Blue Jay... Sat upon the wire... Looking North... Hue Jay asks... Is it the mountains that you seek? Do you wish to migrate upon the mountain peaks? A new day is born... Hue Jay and Blue Jay sat upon a branch facing South... Blue Jay asks... Is it the ocean that you... Continue Reading →

Return To Sender

Return To Sender Where does my love land, if it does not reach you... Where does it go... Does it wither or turn blue... Does it live... What can hold something so few... What can such singular love mean... Who would return warm love to the palest hue... Who can ever love such an empty... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nymph III

Give Me Lace There is something about lace that really puts a smile on my face... I find such delight for lace, in delicate white... Though, lace in black will surely set the boys back... Sigh, not enough can be said of lace dripped in red... Cover me in them all, then find me, just... Continue Reading →

Friday Song is By: Bruce Springsteen

Friday Song - Bruce Springersonsteen... Or something like that ... I bet no one even recognizes that guys name... "ROSALITA" is the song... 🖤I BET MR. SPRINGERSONSTEEN WAS A 🐰 TOO!🖤 Spread out now Rosie, doctor come cut loose her mama's reinsYou know playin' blind man's bluff is a little baby's gameYou pick up little... Continue Reading →

Marketing Do your night terrors only include fun... The only gear you idle in, is run run run... Eyes, hands, and feet are bound by wires and cords... Data and Graphs reign among many lords... Infinite possibilities within resolutions view... Oh, the screen can certainly misconstrue... Real humans have become more scary than drugs... Maximum... Continue Reading →

Tamed Wild Heart

Tamed Wild Heart If my heart was a horse, I'd send her out to the pasture... Seems that she has ran better races, she no longer wishes to run faster... I'd let her graze and bask in the sun, her wild heart no longer in capture... -Madamchryzl-

The World That I Own

The World That I Own You float aimlessly around in my minds flesh… Just bouncing around in a world of thresh… To the left and to the right… You are there day and night… In a enticing world that I own… Your body is not yours, it is a loan… Escaping me is an impossible... Continue Reading →


Mistletoe Above a lovers kiss`s… Burrowing roots that run deep… Beholden, deadly bliss… Inch by inch, life’s breath it will reap… -Madamchryzl-


Soon... These memories shall be set free... As the mountains listen carefully... They will allow the clouds assume all... Soon... God will hear my call... -Madamchryzl-

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