Murderous Mommy

Another Tale With No Ending

October fog was always the thickest than in the other months and Penelope loved the it. She loved the feel and the imagery of the spooky air. 

"Honey, can you grab my box of Halloween decorations out of storage, please?" Penelope asked as she poured two cups of coffee.

"It has been October for less than 12 hours. Do think that maybe you are setting up the decorations too early?" asked John.

Penelope considered the thought briefly as she opened a trunk that John had never seen before.
"Ummm, maybe for some people. But not for me." she smiled.

"What is that!?" John asked with excitement.

"It is a sword I had in Mums attic. I kept it there because of, well safety sake... Kids and all; but now that they are gone I was thinking we can hang it above the mantle this year. Do you like it? It is rather spooky." Penelope giggled with glee.

"Wow, you really do love Halloween." John replied.

"I do, I really do. It's the one time a year when it is ok to hang body parts out in the lawn and it is acceptable. The rest of the year I have to find a place to hide them. It really is a pain, I mean who has time for all that?" chipper Penelope explained.

John laughed.

Penelopes' face straightened imagining Johns parts scattered along side the latex ones.


Skull Art By John Teal

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