Murderous Mommy

Another Tale With No Ending October fog was always the thickest than in the other months and Penelope loved the it. She loved the feel and the imagery of the spooky air. "Honey, can you grab my box of Halloween decorations out of storage, please?" Penelope asked as she poured two cups of coffee."It has... Continue Reading →

In My Head

The Skull By John TealChalk pencil on black card In My Head In my headEncompassed within boneVibrates a solemn toneBeneath this white shellLives, Oh Heaven and HellIn my headTissue of pale and pinkWith warm depths to sinkWorlds of non-existence Upon walls of resistance In my headVisions live awake and in slumberCalculations and solutions without any... Continue Reading →

The Sea Monster

The Sea Monster Mermaids of the deep...They all weep...Greif is onlyShort of a leap...Attacks of above...Are often seen...Attacks from below...Are only obscene...Abort ship...Lingers at my lip...Oh, Blackbeard!Oh, Lafitte!Take what you must...I'm bound by the feet...Abort ship...Still, LingeringAt my lip...You are a Brute...You are a Kidd...My eyes jolt,Beneath the lid...Not my Mate...Nor my Captain...Nothing more, Is... Continue Reading →

Nonsensical Nomad I

I Am notHere for your Entertainment nor your complete StimulationIMay or May Not But More so EVERY singleTimeWhatA crossYou must bareTo amuse yourself withEverytimeMineIs aSingular struggle withoutA device capable ofSavingTodayOr tomorrow Yesterday yet morrowSeize all of todayNow -Madamchryzl-

Marketing Do your night terrors only include fun... The only gear you idle in, is run run run... Eyes, hands, and feet are bound by wires and cords... Data and Graphs reign among many lords... Infinite possibilities within resolutions view... Oh, the screen can certainly misconstrue... Real humans have become more scary than drugs... Maximum... Continue Reading →

5 Good Minutes

5 Good Minutes Snuggled up close, Rosie and her youngest son sank in deep beneath the fluffy, pastel down comforter. Though she was asleep, in this moment, Rosie was grateful to have dodged insomnia. DAHN! DAHN! DAHN! Rosie turns over.  Being quite used to experiencing rather vivid dreams Rosie assumed the sounds where part of... Continue Reading →

Narcoleptic Nomad Nightmare I

The Streets of New Orleans, generate it's own sound... The cobble stone still exist, and it's blood so profound... Howls and growls... I see it's teeth and the snares... I see the skulls tumbling, down Hell's stairs... Vampires and demons alike... Monitor their selection each night... Picking and choosing their victims with out haste... Innocent... Continue Reading →

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