Yet Another Goodbye

Yet Another Goodbye charcoal and chalk pencil on pastel paper By John Teal My skin has burned with the maximum pleasures...Your ghost will forever haunt my lips...For there is none other left to kiss...My heart begs to my mind.. Say,it is not so.Oh please, My Love...Please do not go...Unforgettable...Yet...Banished upon the ship of unending time...Unbearable...Tragically...Wrecked... Continue Reading →

Murderous Memory

Another Tale With No Ending Penelope watched as the couple swooned over one another inside of the gondola. She admired how he had brushed her hair away from her eyes so that he may gaze deeper. Penelope sighed and envied the woman’s hand as it gripped her lover’s shoulder tightly when she leaned in to... Continue Reading →

Murderous Mommy

Another Tale With No Ending October fog was always the thickest than in the other months and Penelope loved the it. She loved the feel and the imagery of the spooky air. "Honey, can you grab my box of Halloween decorations out of storage, please?" Penelope asked as she poured two cups of coffee."It has... Continue Reading →

Murderous Bayou

A Tale With No Ending "What do you know of murder?" she asked.The lieutenant stared."What DO you know of murder?"she repeated.Lieutenant Boch realigned his posture."I know that people murder people. I know it does not always require motive and sometimes it has one." he replied. Penelope sat in her rocking chair and continued to knit... Continue Reading →

In My Head

The Skull By John TealChalk pencil on black card In My Head In my headEncompassed within boneVibrates a solemn toneBeneath this white shellLives, Oh Heaven and HellIn my headTissue of pale and pinkWith warm depths to sinkWorlds of non-existence Upon walls of resistance In my headVisions live awake and in slumberCalculations and solutions without any... Continue Reading →

No More Flutter

I watched a butterfly... Die today...She fell upon the dirt... In the strangest way...Her wings just stopped...She did not flutter...Nor had she flopped...She just fell onto the earth...Her life lives on... Within deaths worth...-Madamchrzyl-

Sorrowful Head

Heavens abduction is unavoidable... With solace, I grant you my hand... My heart... My embrace... Bodies, voices, and hearts disappear from all around us... The moon knows no wrong... The sun beams in your presence... Life and pain have been lovers beneath the apple tree for all of time... Let's rest together within its shade... Continue Reading →

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