Mardi Gras Season Has Begun!

Mardi Gras Season Has Begun! I have two videos that I would like to share... This song is done in variations from town to town... Sort of like a "different tribes" sort of thing. So the transition might not be 100% but it is probably a strong 80%... lol πŸ–€ They are both the same... Continue Reading →

Cajun Part I

My Nonc... AKA... My Mom's 1st Love... Ignorance is bliss kind of moment.She then very eloquently, saw her way out.... πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜ I do not expect you to listen all the way through... But, this is actual footage from a very early time in Cajun History.

Deadboy & The Elephantmen “No Rainbow”

Deadboy & The Elephantmen "No Rainbow" *Local Artist* πŸ˜‰πŸ–€This one is rather somber; if you are feeling well tonight, save it for another time.πŸ–€πŸ˜‰ Baby,I'm bleeding stillMy blood is all down the drainMy blood is all down the drainBaby,It's raining now you're hereAnd falling,But, I think it's bloodNo rainbowIt's raining skullsWhen the raining stops,There will... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Song- “Loveable Girl” James Carr

"Loveable Girl" James Carr Hot lips like fireEver-burning mindEyes just like the moonlightThat forever shinesYou are admirableYou're so desirableWhat a loveable girlWhat a loveable girl You're loving armsAre ever holding meSweet words of inspirationYou're always inspiring meYou're excitingYour lips are so invitingOh, what a loveable girlWhat a loveable girl Oh girlHow dare I think one... Continue Reading →

Thursday Song-Rare Monk-Phosphorescence

Song by Rare Monk-Phosphorescence... I like this album in general... I feel like not many artists can produce "a good album" now and days... "Happy Haunting would be probably be my favorite though...πŸ–€ BreatheBreathe in the oceanBreath in slowlyDreamDream phosphorescenceDream its glow SinkSink into sine wavesDeep belowDrift in indifferent equations'Undertow Aaah, burn the skies awayAaah,... Continue Reading →

I'd sunk in oceans blueNow they're all frozen overI should have took your handWe should have crossed the border Because never againMeans none of this at all Forever pretendIn our shelters we don't fall Falling short againI'm falling short again The ranges set so highAnd I could never climbFallingIt's so cold, I've come outWhere's the... Continue Reading →

This song was originally done in October of 1953 by Guitar Slim. His version is great; but there is just something about the way JB sings this song. He bellows it with SO much passion behind it; even if one didn't know anything of his life story the listener could just tell, he wants to... Continue Reading →

This song has been done a few times... I'm rather confident in saying EVERYONE knows Elvis's version which is frikken GREAT... But here is a much different sounding HB Hotel... sang by a local celebrity.. Mr. Dax Riggs... in my book, his music makes him sound like the he is the King Of The Tortured....... Continue Reading →

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