Tuesday Song “Afflicted” By O.V. Wright

“Afflicted” By O.V. Wright

They say I'm afflicted
For lovin' you
They say I'm afflicted
For caring for you
When they say "Afflicted"
They mean I'm messed up in the head
But, oh, it's not really that, baby
It's not really that, baby
I'm crazy about you
That's all it is, baby
You see, I work seven days a week
I work seven days a week for you
Every pay day, baby
I bring all my money to you
But, oh, oh when I get home
You won't believe this
But I have to eat from the can
Oh, everybody say I'm crazy, baby
But I won't only do that for you, baby
I'll die for you
And another thing
Do you remember Old Joe?
I know you do, baby
He was once my best friend
You ran away with Joe
And, oh, the money got thin
But, oh, when you and Joe came back home
I opened the door and took you in
Oh, yes, I did
Oh, everybody's been talkin' 'bout me, baby
But, oh, I'm crazy 'bout you
Oh, they say I'm afflicted, baby
But that's alright, baby
It's not really afflicted
But I love you from the bottom of my heart
Oh, they say I'm afflicted
Oh, they say I'm messed up all in my head
Oh, it's not that, baby
It's not that, baby
I'm just crazy about you
La la la la la la la la
Talkin' sweet, la la la la

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