As the clouds slowly dissipate into the earth…

I find myself contemplating worth…

What’s the worth of a penny after a toss?

What’s the worth of searching when we are the lost?

The penny, to be thrown about and to never be found again…

Us, to be amoungst the wandering and to never truly be grounded…

The heavy abyss, sounds like comfort as we rest in its shroud…

Much like us, we are thrown about yet desperate to conceal the most our hearts will allow…. MDM C

7 thoughts on “Foggy Haze

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  1. “Few shall see our real face, few will know the kindness of our heart. Today, I see a stranger in the bathroom mirror. Did I died? Did reincarnation make me become heartless and colder? I drink and I can’t get drunk. Once happy poet had become the somber poet. Are you my beloved that I can’t see no-more. I taste the whiskey at midnight and I write to my old journal. I still love you, my ghost lady.” A poem for you. Your good words gave me reasons to write tonight dear poet.

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    1. It’s amazing how little our Reflections can make sense some days. I doubt that I have ever truly known mine. Enjoy your whiskey, do not set sail for the islands of drunkards… But if your ship ends up ashore… Enjoy the trip. 🖤 You are an amazing writer and poet, and poetry is not for the weak of heart. It is for the strongest of… 🖤

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